Augmented Reality, iOS Application, 3D Animation

English Hedgerow was nominated in the digital category for the Design Museum's prestigious Designs of the Year 2013
Created by Unanico Group's Jason Jameson, James Hall and Rhys Griffin, with Andrew Tanner Design, English Hedgerow is a modern chintz pattern on a Royal Winton plate, which is brought to life with augmented reality.

The free English Hedgerow app generates an augmented reality experience with naturalistic animation and hedgerow sounds. When the camera of a tablet or smartphone is pointed at the decorative pattern the story develops on your screen, changing and interacting as the camera is moved around the design. The augmented reality experience can now be recorded and uploaded via Kamcord, thus enabling users to share it on social media.

The English Hedgerow pattern currently appears on the Royal Winton plate and on a limited edition postcard. The pattern can also be downloaded by clicking on the link on this page. Look for the pattern to be applied to other products soon.
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"Nails the faux-vintage trend,"
The Sunday Times
"A genuinely beguiling experience,"
Crafts magazine
"What if, like in Keats' Ode on a Grecian Urn we could, well, make it come to life a bit?" Design Week

English Hedgerow Video

Download Free Pattern